Do you realise the incident that brought about the statement Jesus made in Matthew 17:20 had to do with a demonic case?

A lunatic boy, who evidently was being tormented by an evil spirit that often threw him into the fire and water, had been brought by his father to Jesus’ disciples for deliverance. The disciples tried casting out the unclean spirit, but they failed.

When they went to Jesus to find out the reason they couldn’t cast out the evil spirit troubling the boy, Jesus told them the reason for their failure, which accounted for the great statement He made in Matthew 17:20:



20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.


As we can see here, the mountain-moving faith or faith as a grain of mustard seed, is not only for the purpose of receiving healing and other temporal blessings from God, it is also the weapon for dealing with the mountain of demons and evil spirits!

Talking about the reality of demonic activities, it is undeniable; however, God’s power is much more real!

I have heard of, and witnessed a number of such demonic cases. For instance, I heard of a lady years ago, who used to have sexual affairs in her dreams, and on getting up from sleep, she would find semen all over her body! This took place in her life repeatedly until she was delivered from the horrible experience.

A young man came to me while I pastored my first church in Kwara State of Nigeria, to tell me about a similar oppression with which he had been battling for some time.

This young man in question was always having a strange dream, where he saw himself in a coffin with mourners gathering around the coffin. He had fasted and prayed, and perhaps went for deliverance sessions, all to no avail. You see, because of his limited knowledge of God’s Word, the devil was playing a fast one on him, by controlling him with the spirit of fear—the devil’s ‘motion pictures.’

I told this man he should stop running around for deliverance from what Jesus had already delivered him. I told him the solution to his problem was having a ‘motion picture’ of God’s Word planted within him, which will uproot or overpower the ‘motion picture’ of the spirit of death that was bringing coffin-and-death in his dream.

He needed to have faith as a grain of mustard seed to overcome the spirit of death. The young man got the message and went away both relieved and excited! I can give you loads of experiences to show you how I dealt with demons and evil spirits by having faith as a grain of mustard seed.



Interpret Dreams With God’s Word


Let me give you an instance here. The Lord once told me that whenever I sleep and have a funny dream, I should be careful how I interpret the dream, because whatever name or interpretation I give any dream is what determines whether I will walk in victory or be oppressed by the devil.

The Lord taught me to always interpret every dream in light of His Word, and that any dream that doesn’t line up with what God’s Word teaches should be discarded! So, I began to have faith as a grain of mustard seed and started seeing myself protected by God’s power.

I started to see myself being ‘more than a conqueror’ in Christ Jesus according to Romans 8:37. Prior to this revelation, I particularly remember having a dream repeatedly. Each time I slept, I saw myself eating one funny stuff or the other in my dream. This got me disturbed until I received that revelation I just shared with you from the Lord.

So, one day, which was to be the last day the devil would use his trick on me, I slept and saw myself eating a mysterious loaf of bread. Up till this writing, I have never seen any loaf of bread that long in the physical realm; yet, the funny thing about that dream is that as soon as I laid my hands on the bread, I devoured it within seconds!

Then I woke up suddenly. I was so sure the devil was waiting for me to start panicking as I’ve always done in times past; but never again!

Instead of getting agitated because of the mysterious loaf of bread I’d just eaten in the dream, I just burst out laughing. I laughed out loud for the devil to hear me, and said, “In Jesus Name, I turn the bread I’d just eaten in my dream to the Holy Communion!”

As soon as I interpreted the dream this way, I was enveloped by an unusual peace. From that day to this (which is more than twenty years ago), I have never had such funny dreams again! Why? For one, the devil knew I already had a picture of who I was in Christ formed within me.

Satan knew the picture of “no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper” was clearly painted within me and that gave me faith as a grain of mustard seed to whip any demonic scheme that might ever come against me.

Ever since then, I got hold of one of Satan’s tricks of using strange feelings, funny dreams and images, to keep people in bondage. Satan could bring some funny symptoms to you that seem like tell-tale signs of leprosy, epilepsy or malaria. Once you start talking about having this or that sickness, then the devil has got you!

Meanwhile, if you refuse to accept the devil’s images and pictures, and rather sit down to hear God’s Word, you will have faith as a grain of mustard seed—clear-cut pictures of your victory in Christ Jesus, and as a result of these faith-pictures, you will begin to SAY to your mountain to “…be removed and be cast into the seas, and it shall obey…”