Sexual Energy Is of the Mind


Before you can successfully overcome every sexual temptation, you must first of all know that you are a being in three dimensions. You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body (see 1Thes.5:23).


The real you is your spirit. What’s more, your spirit expresses itself through your soul and your body.  If you are born again, your spirit is that part of you that actually got saved, and it doesn’t ever want to go against God’s will. But your soul and your body still need proper attention.


The Bible teaches that you are the one who must do something to both your soul and your body. Let’s see what the Bible says to do to your soul and body.


What To Do To Your Body


Paul the Apostle was inspired by God to prescribe a very effective antidote to the misdeeds of the body (the flesh). Relating his own experience of what God taught him in dealing with the flesh, he says:



But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

That is exactly what to do to the flesh — keeping it in subjection to your recreated spirit. Another translation of the Bible says to pummel (or wrestle against) the body, as though you were in a boxing ring with an opponent!


This means that all the misdeeds of the flesh which include unholy sexual appetites can be overcome, simply by bringing your body in subjection to your recreated spirit.


But how is that possible? You may ask. Your body (your flesh) can only be brought into subjection to your recreated human spirit through your mind!


In a short while, I will be showing you the role your mind plays in bringing your body into subjection to your recreated spirit, but before then, let’s see what you must do to your soul.


What To Do To Your Soul


Your soul is that part of you that comprises essentially of your mind and your. It is also the seat of your emotions and intellect. So, your soul can be made to obey God, if you can bring your mind in obedience to God.


If a child of God can control his mind, then he can control his destiny. And you know what? The Bible tells us exactly what to do to the mind—renew it to think and reason in line with God’s will.


When the mind of man is renewed in line with God’s will, he will be able to control his sexual passion to a very great extent.

Sexual Passions and Your Mind


A person’s sexual behaviour is directly proportional to the amount of thinking they engage in relative to sexual activities.


What I’m saying in essence is that, if you think about having sex or you engage your mind on things that have to do with sex so often, your passion for sex will be comparably higher than that of someone who very seldom thinks about sex.


So, if you want your sexual drive to come under your control, your thinking about sex must first of all come under your control.


Quite often, young people struggle with their flesh when it seems to drive them against their will to have sex at all cost; however, what such people should rather fight against are the unholy thoughts of sex that bombard their minds.


Say this right out loud, “Sexual energy is of the mind; if I can control my mind, then I can control my sexual passion.”


Struggling Won’t

Solve The Problem


I remember hearing a preacher relate the ordeal of Brother A— in his battle against sexual immorality. Brother A— was actually engaged to a sister, who was also well meaning and God-fearing.


Meanwhile, along the line in their courtship, they fell into the sin of sexual immorality and didn’t know how to stop.


One day, Brother A— decided to fast and pray against sexual sins and temptations. The fast took about one whole week.

However, it is sad to learn that this brother ‘broke’ the fast having sex again! He felt like dying and also felt like there would never be a solution for him where premarital sex was concerned.


The account of Brother A— is just typical of the struggles so many youths go through to live above the temptation of having sex before marriage.


However, the very first step towards getting your total liberty from premarital sex is to be equipped with the knowledge that, sexual energy is of the mind.


Think About Mad People


In buttressing this particular point, I want you to consider an average mad person. You’d observe that the last thing they do is to get involved in sexual affairs.


Even though some of these mad people go about naked, yet they are oblivious of the glaring possibility of luring or being lured by the opposite sex. Why? Their minds are absolutely dysfunctional where the thoughts of sex are concerned.


So, what can you learn from that? If your mind can be rendered impotent and insensitive to sexual activities, then your energy for sex-related affairs will equally be impotent. I bet you!


Let me give you another illustration along this line.


Think About Sick People


Think of someone who’s always known for great sexual activities. Think of such an individual on the sick bed, suffering from a deadly fever.


All the time that fellow stays on the sick bed, the last thing he will think about is sex. All his mind would have been arrested by the pains of fever. Even, the thought of what to eat will be the last on such a fellow’s mind.


All he would be preoccupied with is how to get well and leave the sick bed. Now, why won’t such a person have as much sexual passion on the sick bed as he normally does when he is not sick?


The answer is simple: The mind has been captured by something else.


By the same token, if you can let God’s will capture your mind and you can learn how to direct your mind from the thoughts of sex, your energy relative to sex will be forever checked.


You may be wondering about how you can channel your mind away from sexual passion, and focus it on God. Let us go to the next chapter to examine that in detail.